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When you purchase a personalized mystery Kindness Bag for yourself or a friend, a portion of the proceeds support others in need! In August And September Help us buy school supplies for children in need with every Kindness Bag Purchased.

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Welcome to Rooted Soul Boutique!

My heart in starting this journey was not only to offer fun, affordable fashion pieces but to offer fashion for all sizes and shapes.I have spent over 25 years in the fashion industry and the one thing they have been slow to understand is beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

True beauty is not just in a size it's in who we are as women.I have learned that the strongest women are kind, compassionate, supportive of others and they follow their passions

 That is beauty! My inspiration for the name Rooted Soul Boutique is I truly believe what you allow to take root in you is who you become so let's root the things that are good the things that will inspire.I am a big believer of women supporting women so you will find a lot of products made by local crafters or artists I hope you find something you love!

Stay Beautiful,



Thank you for visiting me! Remember stay rooted in Love, Joy, Kindness, Compassion and be your unique beautiful self!

Rooted Soul Boutique

Shadow Lake Towne Center

Papillion, NE 68046

Phone# 1.402.506.6488